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Nazareth Metals, incorporated in 1969 initially started off manufacturing Non-Ferrous Ingots. After successfully enjoying a large share of the Ingot market, we forward integrated into castings as well. By the late 90s, we were exporting over 100 tons a month of Ingots from a new plant set up in Goa under the name of Nazareth Alloys while Nazareth Metals continued to focus on the
casting business.

Eventually in 2012, administrative shortcomings got the better of us and we shut down all manufacturing activities. Nazareth Metals and Alloys Pvt Ltd is a new company stemmed from the same seed, now in its third generation.

Today Nazareth Metals is largely focused on exporting finished machined components from India. We have acquired a Bronze foundry by the name of Ameya Casting Pvt Ltd in Kolhapur that manufactures precision bushings for Tractor, Commercial Vehicles and Earthmoving Equipment as well as the shipbuilding and marine industry.

We are actively seeking out relationships to develop castings on a continuous and long term contract basis. With our experience, we are on the look out to partner with other machine shops, foundries and customers to increase business and contribute to the growth of the overall Foundry Industry in India.


Mobile : +91 9619266994
Email :

Office Headquarters : Mumbai,Maharashtra, India


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